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aletsch glacier

Aletsch, this beautiful region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has retained its charm of yesteryear. It is in this mythical place that you go through sublime course enduro, along the glacier or cutting through technical trails.

Upon arrival at the top, the view of the glacier tongue of the Alestch glacier, as well as the 4 other glaciers in the area, will take your breath away. Epic Enduro chose scenic trails at the height of this region.

Discover technical and challenging trails, along steep rocks and high-altitude lakes for a fun day and a well-deserved break with your feet in the water.


Upon arrival at the top, you will be surprised by the beauty of this small typical Swiss village, with its wooden chalets, flower boxes and fountains.

Our journey will start from the top: a technical early, descending, composed of many steps over 60cm. Following this, we will cross the mountain pastures in technical single trails to bypass several small high altitude lakes.

Our last single trail will bring us back to the meeting place via very natural, technical and challenging trails.

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