Epic enduro in Switzerland 

out of passion for mtb

Epic Enduro’s guides bring forward their extensive experience as mountain bikers to propose you MTB guided tours. Either in private or as a group.

We accompany our riders on enduro trails that have been specifically chosen for their physical and technical capabilities.

Why wasting time riding in crowded trails? Focus on new MTB trails discovery and ride in the most beautiful tracks of Switzerland with a professional MTB guide.

Our MTB tours are mainly downhill, but still with some uphill. The trails chosen correspond to enduro trails.




Swiss Cycling MTB Guide

Passionated by enduro MTB, I’m sharing with you my solid experience for an excursion. Taking you from turn to turn with a touch of humour to make every tour unforgettable.


MTB Guide

To share my passion for enduro MTB as well as the pleasure of being outdoor, I’m inviting you out off the beaten path for a touch of adventure to your day.

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